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China Steel to ready expansion in March; raise zinc consumption
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China Steel to ready expansion in March; raise zinc consumption
Taiwan steel giant China Steel is scheduled to complete its hot-dip galvanizing expansion in March, which would raise capacity by 300,000 mt/year to 570,000 mt/year from a previous 270,000 mt/year, a company official told Platts Friday.

"We are set to finish and start production in March. But because it¡¯s a new line, we will not be able to reach full output this year, probably producing around 480,000-500,000 mt in actual output," the official said. "We will strive for a full 570,000 mt next year," he added.

With the added capacity and output, the company¡¯s zinc ingot consumption is also expected to increase in 2007. China Steel is currently using about 8,000-9,000 mt/year of zinc ingot in its hot-dip operations and expects to increase by another 8,000-9,000 mt/year following the expansion.

"But because the new line starts only in March and we won¡¯t reach full output, we expect to use about 15,000 mt of zinc ingot this year," the official said.

China Steel imports its zinc ingot for hot-dip galvanizing mainly from South Korea, China, and Canada, the official said. The zinc ingot used are "at least 95% pure."

Meanwhile, the company also has a capacity to produce 330,000 mt/year of electro-galvanized steel. "We produced a full electro-galvanized output in 2006 and will maintain that level this year. There are no plans to expand this operations," the official said.

China Steel consumes about 5,000mt/year of zinc anodes for its electro-galvanizing production.

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