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Business enterprise aim:Grow up together, share success

We grow up with employee together, carrying out the employee to pursue to the business, to ego of affirmation with surmount- for the employee’s opportunity to create
We grow up with customer together, the joy that share the appreciation of fixed assets to bring with the customer- create the value for the customer
Cooperate the colleague to grow up together, the resources share, advantage repairs with each other, strong and strong consociation, build the brilliancy totally
We grow up together with society, push nation economy development, develop the race science and technology progress- create the performance for the society

Business enterprise spirit:Innovation the practicality is respect-work efficiently

The innovation is the soul of the company, is a business to develop the eternal motive force
Speak the truthful story, to recruit, do the real fact and try to be practical the effect actually
Respect, respect own occupation, to respect, devout of mind treat the occupation, treat oneself’s occupation as the mans natural duty
Thought of and then do and begin immediately, quick absorption, quick change, quick activity

The target of the management:Do the international steel pipe industry vanguard

The breadth that faces the high-speed development takes thus a history opportunity of once in a lifetime of the video industry, we will divide the stage ground into the multi-media terminal market of professional video frequency meeting, the video frequency meeting  luck camp and families, growing up for the newly arisen video frequency  correspondence group that the city be worth to attain USD 500,000,000 within 3-5 years.
Conduct the policy: Take market as to lead to, take product and sales as the group leader and take brand and services as to prop up and take the technique development as the foundation

Manage the mode:

With the artificial center.The employee is the host of the company, work is for the sake of company and personal grow up together, work at the same time better is also a body own now of value
Take accomplishment as the direction, comprehensive evaluate the employee from three aspects of moral qualities, ability and results
Pay attention to systemize, the process turn, the norm turns the construction
Value the resources integration, include the technique resources, market resources, talented person’s resources
Efficiency principle, the satisfaction principle

Talented person’s view of the business enterprise:

Shanghai Want industry co.,LTD  are all talented persons, doing not stick to the educational background, age
Can push the  Ford development, can create the performance for the business enterprise, the person whom the Ford of WANT is oneself’s business
The talented person is the most precious wealth of Ford of WANT.
The talented person pushes ten thousand  developments of the companies of WANT , the development of the company provides the vaster space and better conditions into the employee
s development
Take the company common goal and whole images as the premise, the company promotes the character exertive
The spirit that the physique, liberal mindset, optimism of the colleague, health heading up that pursue the work of have the interest and share common interest

Shanghai Want industry co.,LTD human resource  management way of thinkings:Mission:Build up an organization that studies the type, provide for the capable talented person who all hopes have to be used as a develop they then can of satge
Post analysis, valuation and salary
The ability model and results management
The core team management and development
The human resource need and the job advertisement strategy
Draw on and encourage full exertive its potential of elitist, is the key that the Ford of WANT keeps on the development;
Adapt the fast variety, is an objective request of ages to talented person of Internet, only insist the study and develop the exaltation and then can keep up with the step that ages develop continuously.

WANT’s behavior standards:

The honesty act towards people, respecting mutually
Pay attention to the social ethics.
Valid communication, comprehend the cooperation
Active match, team spirit
Solve problem, presume the decision
Continuously creative, undertake the responsibility
Careful beg actually, respect-work spirit
Ego management, occupation morals
Customer the first, the quantity is originally
Raise the results, economize the cost
Brave enterprising, ego development
Cooperate the principle:The team is highest with each other is main timeManage the principle:Institutional stipulation of the smoked pottery of the cultureBehave the principle:Honesty, diligence, thriftyStudy and growth principle:The principle studies to take aim at to position the fast growth quickly for the originThe business operation principle:The item management system push forwardCooperate colleague’s principle:Change a thinking service supremacyThe business enterprise principle is the tallest action platform of our business enterprise, is our each WANT Ford  person’s behavior standard, is measure our decision, management, system, behavior, image whether accurate basis.



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