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Dear valued customer:
   Thank you to trust and support Shanghai Want industry co.,LTD. please leave a message for us at any time!You can keep in touch through the telephone, fax, E-mail, network on-line various way.

  A good brand not only mean to have good-quality, but also mean a perfect service and worthy of trust of market.

Shanghai Want co.,LTD is an superexcellence of the domestic  excellent metals  piping conjunction supplier, consistent pay attention to the technique support work toward the customer.Is the technique consultation, difficulty of the long range to answer regardless, still the solution provide,Shanghai Want co.,LTD  wish to provide the thoughtful and fast service for you. 
   Shanghai Want industry co.,LTD is the domestic  excellent tube piece to produce the business enterprise, the company be in the light of is created by science and technology , with the management aim that the quantity wins the customer satisfaction, in order to insure the customer to trust, Shanghai Want co.,LTD  specially made  the sale service commitment. 
    One, the nation that the  product of tube all attain that our company produce provision of the tube piece related standard, prescriptive technique in the strict performance contract standard, choose the material with meticulous care, the original material use is all original factory enter anticipate also fish-eye quantity certificate, enter factory behind reply the check in time, be responsible for the product quantity provide exactly.
   Two, according to your company the contract item medium various request of the provision, implement the duty that the selling party should fulfil.
   Three, provide the goods in time according to the contract rule.
   Four, establish customer file, periodically go and see the customer.

  Five, our company provides the after-sales service of the superior quality, the problem that customer ask will give reply or resolven in 12 hours .
   Six, the power of end explain belong to Shanghai Want Industry co.,LTD.

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